Periodontal Maintenance

Even with the most thorough homecare sometimes it is impossible for patients to completely clean their teeth themselves. Plaque collects at the bottom of the gums which can be deeper than toothbrush bristles can reach. If not removed the plaque eventually turns into hard and tenacious calculus, which creates a rough surface and causes even more plaque build up. The cycle continues and the bacteria in plaque cause irritation and inflammation in the gums. In turn, the body's own inflammatory response kicks in. This chronic inflammatory response causes bone and tissue destruction. The 'pocket' around the teeth where plaque and calculus hide becomes bigger as the gums become more inflamed and bone surrounding the teeth is destroyed. 

Periodontal maintenance is needed to remove plaque, calculus and bacteria from under the gumline and halt the breakdown of tissue and bone supporting your teeth. 

Although cleanings can't completely reverse previous bone destruction they're an important step to halt periodontal disease and prevent disease from returning after surgical treatment. 

What are the advantages of periodontal maintenance?

  • Remove plaque, calculus and bacteria above and below the gumline

  • Freshen breathe

  • Prevent gingivitis (swollen gums)

  • Halt destructive inflammation and bone loss (periodontal disease)