Osseous Surgery

Osseous surgery is the traditional treatment for periodontal disease. Your gums and bone should fit snuggly around your teeth. In disease, supporting tissue and bone is destroyed and a 'pocket' forms around the teeth. These pockets get bigger over time and harbor bacteria, plaque and calculus that cannot be removed by a toothbrush or even regular dental office cleaning.

Treatment is needed to eliminate the periodontal pocket or tissue and bone destruction will continue, possibly until the tooth needs to be extracted. 

During osseous surgery the gum tissue is folded back and bacteria, plaque and calculus are removed. The bone is reshaped into a positive architecture where no bacteria can hide. The tissue is then secured back into place. 

Osseous surgery can be completed alone or in combination with other periodontal treatments. After healing, the pocket around your gums will be smaller and further bone destruction and tissue loss will be halted. Continued periodontal maintenance and excellent home-care will be necessary to prevent disease from returning.